How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Take? 

Dec 2 2021

If it’s been a while since you last went into the dentist and you’re worried about spending hours in the dental chair, don’t fret—a dental cleaning is a quick procedure that’s nothing to have anxiety about! At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we aim to get our clients in and out as fast as possible without ever compromising the quality of our services. To learn more about dental cleanings at our Indiana office and what to expect during yours, give us a call directly or send us a message online at your convenience. 

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

A typical dental cleaning will have six steps; if you haven’t been in for a while, there may be another step added: a dental x-ray. Talk to your dentist in advance about whether or not x-rays will be necessary and, if so, how this will impact your bill and how much time you spend in the office. 

  • Physical exam. The first part of your dental examination will no doubt be a physical exam. During this step, your dentist will look at your teeth to see if there are any areas where cavities are visible to the naked eye, whether or not x-rays may be required, and if your gums are healthy. 
  • Plaque removal. The second stage is plaque removal, where your dentist will use a professional dental tool to scrape away built-up plaque and tartar. Your teeth will likely feel noticeably smoother after this. 
  • Deep clean brush. Next, your dentist will pull out a professional toothbrush, load it with polish, and get to work. The high-power brush is great at removing plaque and tartar and leaving teeth feeling smooth and clean. 
  • Professional floss. Once your teeth are feeling clean, your dentist will give you a professional flossing. If you’re not someone who flosses regularly, enjoy someone else doing it for you for a change! 
  • Rinse. Your dentist will squirt some water into your mouth, ask you to swish, and then use a special suction tool to remove the water. You can rinse as many times as needed for comfort. 
  • Fluoride application. Finally, a fluoride application is a part of most dental visits. If you don’t want fluoride, let your dentist know. 

How Long Should I Expect to Spend at My Dentist’s Office?

From start to finish, you can expect to spend between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at your dentist’s office for a cleaning. While the cleaning itself doesn’t take very long, a busy day with lots of patients can slow the process. It may also take longer if you need x-rays. 

Why I Should Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

If you haven’t been to the dentist for over six months, you’re not doing your mouth any favors. Schedule your dental cleaning with Distinctive Dental Solutions today to take control of your oral health!



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