At Distinctive Dental Solutions, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. Uneven teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue. Improperly aligned teeth can make chewing and speaking difficult, leading to cracked teeth and jaw pain. If this is true for you, consider our teeth straightening services. While there are several options available, many individuals want to avoid the pain and discomfort caused by wire braces, so they opt for invisible orthodontics. Our dentists use ClearCorrect, custom-made invisible braces that gradually improve the position of your teeth so you get that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.   

What to Expect

Invisible orthodontics provides innovative solutions for uneven teeth. You’ve likely heard of Invisalign, a popular brand of clear aligners. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we use a similar brand called ClearCorrect. During a consultation, we’ll take detailed 3D images of your mouth using high-accuracy technology to create your custom orthodontics. We also take images of your teeth before and after the treatment so you can easily see the results. 

Using the images, we create your aligners. ClearCorrect therapy involves four stages that last three weeks each. As your teeth begin to shift, you will receive a new set of aligners. Usually, you can expect results within 12 to 18 months. Of course, the timeframe varies depending on the condition of your teeth, your age and other factors. 

Benefits of Invisible Orthodontics

Straightening your teeth doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. ClearCorrect delivers the results you want without the hassle. 

  • Comfortable. ClearCorrect is made of smooth plastic, with no sharp wires or bulky pieces involved. They feel comfortable and natural. Traditional braces involve rubber bands to fix gaps, wires, and wax to cover sharp edges. With invisible braces, you avoid all of these complications. 
  • Discreet. As their name suggests, invisible orthodontics blend into your natural smile. They are clear, resistant to clouding, and aren’t as noticeable, making them the perfect solution for someone who wants straighter teeth without drawing attention to the treatment. 
  • Easy to Clean. ClearCorrect aligners are removed when you eat, meaning you won’t need to worry about food becoming trapped in them. Cleaning them is also much easier than traditional wire braces. All you need to do is remove them to clean the inside, and then brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. 
  • Faster Results. It’s common for invisible orthodontics to move the teeth faster than wire braces. You can expect results in a much shorter amount of time than you would with wire braces. 
  • Effective. ClearCorrect fixes your most concerning dental issues, including overbites, underbites, crooked teeth, and uneven spacing. 

Why Work with Distinctive Dental Solutions

At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we are dedicated to providing high-quality customer services that get the results you require and desire. When you come to us with a dental condition, we will guide you through the various remedies available to you, help you to understand your options, advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry, and cover financing options available, too.

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ClearCorrect is an excellent solution for anyone who wants a flawless smile. These comfortable, seamless braces deliver the results you want. If you are interested in learning more about our invisible orthodontics, contact Distinctive Dental Solutions. Our team delivers all-around care that addresses your most vital dental needs. We’ll get you started on the process and discuss insurance coverage. 


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