Snoring is a common and sometimes embarrassing problem many of us deal with. But how do you determine whether your snoring is normal or a sign of a health problem? Snoring is generally frustrating, but harmless, but in the case that it wakes you up or is a symptom of an issue like sleep apnea, it’s always good to mention it to your dentist. Our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions can help you treat snoring and find what’s causing your discomfort. Talk to our knowledgeable experts at an appointment. 

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is a distinct, sharp breathing sound caused during sleep. Air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, which causes them to vibrate and make a noise. It’s normal to snore every so often, but if it’s a chronic issue that complicates sleep or breathing, be sure to discuss your symptoms with a health professional.

There are various factors that may cause or increase your chances of snoring:

  • Mouth Anatomy. Individuals with a soft palate that’s low and thick may be more likely to snore. This can increase the chances of airway blockage due to the structure of the neck tissues. 
  • Sleep Deprivation. Poor sleep habits can cause the muscles in your throat to over-relax when you do lay down to sleep. 
  • Sleep Position. Snoring is usually the loudest and most disruptive when a person sleeps on their back. Back sleepers may be more likely to experience airway blockage due to gravity’s action on the tissues above the airway.   

Other risk factors include being male, having a deviated septum, drinking alcohol before bed and being overweight. There are lifestyle changes that can ease the snoring in some of these instances, such as weight management and changing your sleep position. For more serious issues, such as if you have sleep apnea, you’ll need to visit a specialist to discuss more intensive treatment options.  

Connection to Your Dental Health

Snoring can cause temporary discomfort, such as a dry mouth, as well as sleep disturbances. However, over time, certain complications can lead to dental health problems. Dry mouth in particular can cause tooth decay due to limited salivary flow. Fortunately, a dentist can help you feel your best. We create mouthpieces that are comfortable and help to reposition your jaw to reduce snoring. These pieces are often helpful for those who have sleep apnea as well as those who simply struggle with mild snoring. 

Referred to as oral appliance therapy, our dentists can construct special products to help you reduce your snoring. We will fit your mouth and build a mouthpiece using the latest dental technology at our office. We can also address any dental health problems brought on by snoring and dry mouth, and help you create a plan to minimize the risk of tooth decay or loss.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Snoring

Don’t let snoring compromise your oral health: our compassionate team is here to help. Distinctive Dental Solutions offers revolutionary treatments for many dental health problems, as well as snoring and other complications. Call now to schedule a checkup for you or a loved one. 


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