Chronic health problems can impact every aspect of your health, and your teeth are no exception. If you have a thyroid condition, you likely experience an assortment of oral health issues, including tooth decay, salivary flow changes and more. In some cases, it’s possible to manage certain thyroid complications with a dental hygienist. Here’s what to expect while working with our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions. 

Signs of Thyroid Issues and Their Relation To Your Oral Health

Thyroid issues can occur as hypothyroidism, which signifies a decrease of the thyroid gland’s function, or hyperthyroidism, which indicates overaction in the gland. Both conditions have different symptoms that may compromise your quality of life, as well as your dental health. Your first step is to monitor and record your symptoms with the help of a general practitioner. 

Sometimes these issues can manifest as oral health problems. In general, there are a few ways in which thyroid dysfunction can affect your teeth and gums depending on what kind you have. For instance, with hyperthyroidism, you may experience: 

  • Increased chance of getting periodontal disease
  • Burning mouth syndrome
  • Mandible and maxillary osteoporosis 
  • Elevated risk of cavities
  • Increased dental eruption

On the other hand, those with hypothyroidism may have:  

  • Mouth breathing habits
  • Thickening of the lips
  • Enlarged salivary gland
  • Delayed dental eruption in children
  • Changes in taste senses

Depending on the cause, your treatment may look different. That’s what makes a diagnosis so important to receiving proper help. Changes in hormone levels can impact the natural balance in your mouth, which can cause oral decay and other unpleasant issues. Working with your GP and dentist can help you uncover the ideal treatment that works for you. 

The Benefits of Visiting a Dentist for Oral Complications Caused By Thyroid Dysfunction

Inflammatory health conditions can create issues throughout your body, and so checking on your dental health is key to preventing issues. Taking a preventative approach will save you lots of issues down the line. Regular dental checkups are key to monitoring progression of thyroid issues and the impact on your oral health. Our dentists do thorough visual inspections and help you identify areas that need extra attention. 

Often, a dentist is the first to notice signs of a possible thyroid disorder and therefore assist in the early diagnosis. Catching the disease early, along with preventing future complications, is what makes a dentists’ assistance so essential to your wellbeing. Many of the signs are visible through an orofacial exam, which aids in guiding you to a diagnosis. 

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Speaking to a dentist can be one of the best steps to take when facing a thyroid problem. Our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions is here to support you and your family’s ongoing health through a multitude of advanced dentistry services. Stay your healthiest with regular dental exams. Whether you’re a new or returning patient, our team looks forward to working with you. Contact us today to get started.


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