If you’ve noticed an ache in your head, neck or jaw area, pay attention to your oral health. Many dental health problems can cause pain not only in your mouth, but the surrounding areas as well. Head pain is a common result of gingivitis, cavities and infections, or a teeth grinding issue, so be sure to explore the possibilities with a dentist. Our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions is prepared to help you reclaim a happy, healthy lifestyle through a combination of innovative solutions. Call us if you have any questions. 

Symptoms of Pain and Possible Consequences

When you’re experiencing pain through your head and facial area, you’re likely dealing with a lot of stress. These symptoms can be tough to ignore as you go about your daily life. Moreover, it’s often challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain on your own. That’s why the solution lies with your dentist. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to perform in-depth examinations of your teeth and find the cause of your discomfort.

In general, patients with head, neck and jaw pain typically are experiencing one of the following health conditions:

  • Oral infections. Commonly, issues in the mouth can affect surrounding areas of the body. Cavities and infections can cause pain deep within the roots of the tooth. Severe tooth decay can cause pain that radiates through the jaw and even the neck. That’s why it’s vital to get the pain assessed by a professional as soon as possible. We’ll take x-rays and see what the issue is, and look for signs of tooth decay.
  • TMJ. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition affecting the jaw. It can lead to pain, stiffness and even trouble opening your mouth. The pain is often muscular in nature, but can also be joint pain due to inflammation of the joints that allow the jaw to open and close. Often, TMJ is seen in individuals with anxiety, since teeth grinding and jaw clenching raises the risk of developing this issue. 
  • Abscessed Tooth. An abscessed tooth means that tooth decay has created a gap between the tooth and the gumline, causing significant pain and risk of infection. It can cause a sharp, radiating pain that comes and goes, or may be constant. Either way, you’ll want to get this examined by our team as soon as possible since it can potentially become worse. 
  • Structural Problems. In some cases, face, neck and jaw pain is due to a structural issue with the jaw. Misaligned or crooked teeth can make you open your mouth and chew incorrectly, which can exhaust certain muscles. Additionally, poor posture can cause neck pain and cause the jaw to lose its proper position, causing some discomfort. 

Visiting a Dentist Is Key

Head pain can be attributed to many varying causes both minor and severe. A dentist can swiftly diagnose the issue. Depending on the cause of your pain, we’ll recommend the treatment we believe will be most beneficial to you. Reducing your symptoms is not our only goal—we want to promote better health in the long run, so we work closely to build a personalized plan that helps you keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Call us today to get started. 


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