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Keeping your teeth and gums healthy plays an important role in your general health and well-being, and we want our patients to feel empowered to make the best choices for their dental health. We offer a number of financing and payment options to help make great oral health available to all patients.

Save on Preventative Services with a DDS Patient Membership

Dental insurance plans may be a good option for some people, but many employers are choosing to reduce or eliminate this benefit as health care costs continue to rise. In other cases, patients who have relied on insurance for years are left without coverage because they change jobs or retire.

In order to help our patients plan for and achieve their oral health goals without insurance, we are proud to offer The DDS Patient Membership Club. This in-house membership plan covers the cost of many preventative services, and members may be eligible for loyalty discounts on additional treatment.

 There are a number of available plan types and options to fit your individual needs.  The following services may be included (depending on your choice of plans) in your low monthly membership fee:

  • Up to 3 Professional examinations in a given year
  • Necessary x-rays
  • Up to 3 cleanings per year
  • One emergency exam
  • Plus— discounts on many additional treatments

In addition, the DDS Patient Membership Club features:

  • No deductibles
  • No annual maximums
  • No waiting requirements
  • No exclusions for cosmetic, restorative, or elective care

IMPORTANT: This is not dental insurance. It is a members only, wellness plan for exclusive use at Distinctive Dental Solutions. To learn more, contact our office today.

Payment Options Available

DDS creates a personalized plan of treatment for each patient that helps you reach and maintain your dental health goals on a schedule that works for you. By breaking down your plan into manageable phases, you can anticipate and plan for future dental needs. Our onsite financial coordinator will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals and create a financial plan to achieve those goals. Some options our financial coordinator may discuss with you include short-term standard financing and longer-term customized financing options.

Insurance Accepted

Distinctive Dental Solutions accepts most insurance plans, and as a courtesy to our insurance patients, we are happy to process claims with your insurance.  Although we are not directly affiliated with any insurance carrier directly, we can generally work with your individual plan very successfully.

DDS serves patients best by creating a one-on-one partnership for your dental care, without the interference of a third party. It is our experience that all “in-network” plans, no matter how well-intended, end up restricting and undermining our ability to provide the high level of care our patients deserve and expect. We will work with you to maximize the benefits available through your primary and secondary insurance plan(s), while staying focused on your best interests and maintaining our professional integrity by providing the appropriate care for your needs and goals.

Our financial coordinator is available to answer any questions you may have specific to your insurance plan or coverage.

Options Designed to Help You Achieve Better Health

At Distinctive Dental, we believe that no patient should feel the need to suffer through poor dental health because of the cost of treatment. If you are living with broken or missing teeth, contact our office today to learn how Distinctive Dental Solutions’ payment and financing options can help you start enjoying a healthier smile in less time than you might think.


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