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Many people underestimate the impact of their dental hygiene habits. Flossing and brushing every day is only a part of the picture: in order to keep your mouth healthy, you need to visit a dentist regularly. Professional teeth cleanings prevent cavities, gingivitis and other common oral health issues. Moreover, we can discuss any concerns you may have and find ways to mitigate your symptoms. If you’re ready to schedule a teeth cleaning, Crown Point patients can contact Distinctive Dental Solutions. 

Why Is Oral Health Important?

Oral health influences our overall physical well-being; in fact, it can give clues to other health issues you may be facing. Your mouth is more closely related to your overall health than you may realize since an issue that affects your teeth can create problems elsewhere. For instance, infections in the mouth can impact other areas of the body when bacteria get into the bloodstream. Treating these conditions can help protect your long-term health. 

When bacteria grow uncontrolled in the mouth, you may face numerous adverse health problems, including tooth decay, gingivitis and degeneration of the bone that supports the teeth. Untreated gum disease has been shown to raise the risk of endocarditis, or inflammation in the heart, cardiovascular disease and more. By visiting the dentist regularly for basic cleaning, you can safeguard yourself from these problems and identify signs of disease before they become worse. 

Our Dental Cleaning Services

At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we are committed to delivering comprehensive treatments for you and your entire family. We understand that dental issues can cause you significant stress, pain and discomfort: we aim to relieve these by listening carefully to your questions and concerns. In addition to teeth cleaning, we help you create proper dental habits that support your future oral well-being. We consider your unique health history to determine what complications you may be at most risk for and create a plan to help you mitigate those risks. There are many aspects that influence your oral health, including smoking, dietary choices, medications and other lifestyle factors. 

Even with good habits, it may not be possible to remove bacteria. If you have extensive bacteria growth in the mouth, we may recommend a deep cleaning to protect your oral health. This process, also called scaling and root planing, is an extensive cleaning that removes tartar and bacteria to eliminate inflammation of the gums. We will suggest a deep cleaning if you have the following signs: 

  • Tenderness
  • Redness and swelling
  • Bleeding after you floss
  • Bone loss, as determined by x-rays

There are many reasons that someone may have inflammation in their mouth, and most commonly, it’s caused by years of neglect and poor dietary choices. Plaque needs to be removed, or else it can lead to cavities, bacteria growth and pain in the gums. Our dental hygiene services reduce the risks. 

To Schedule a Teeth Cleaning, Crown Point Patients Can Call Our Office

Distinctive Dental Solutions is here when you need professional teeth cleaning. Crown Point patients can call us today to schedule a checkup with a knowledgeable dentist.


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