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Dental hygiene plays a key role in maintaining good health, yet it’s something that many people overlook. Distinctive Dental Solutions is committed to helping our patients by educating them about oral health and providing professional dental services. Our St. John dentist helps you build an individualized dental hygiene regimen based on your unique health and long-term goals. Our mission is to help you protect your oral health, and we do so by providing a range of essential treatments. Visit our office to see what we can do for you. 

What Makes Dental Checkups So Important?

Oral health goes beyond just your mouth. Maintaining healthy teeth can actually support the rest of your body, which is something that many people may not realize. Oral health is an indicator of your overall wellbeing since some health complications are linked to dental issues. For instance, poor dental health and unmanaged bacterial growth can cause infections elsewhere in the body. The bacteria enters the bloodstream and travels to the heart and other areas, leading to inflammation. Gum disease is sometimes associated with endocarditis, cardiovascular disease and even birth issues. By visiting a dentist, you are protecting your future health. 

During a checkup, our dentists will look carefully for signs of systemic disease in the mouth. Inflammation of the gums, tooth decay and other symptoms can be readily treated using our innovative solutions. From deep cleaning to restorative dentistry, we have everything you need to improve your oral health and quality of life. 

Dependable Dental Hygiene Services

Here at Distinctive Dental Solutions, we provide a full range of services to support your long-term dental hygiene. We assist with a wide range of requests and can help you find the right solution based on your unique needs. Our mission is to help you with your individual needs, so we approach every patient with their unique health in mind. We develop a plan that considers not just your immediate needs, but also your future well-being. At our office, we accommodate every patient of all ages. We are committed to providing the most satisfactory services possible, so you can expect an outstanding experience every time you visit us.  

We can help you find ways to improve your dental health and eliminate risks for complications. For instance, we consider your diet, medications and other lifestyle factors that may increase the chances of certain complications. Through lifestyle changes and regular dental cleanings, we can improve your oral health so you can achieve a smile that you are proud of. 

A few of our services include: 

  • Dental Implants. If you are missing teeth, even simple tasks such as speaking can be hard. Dental implants restore your mouth’s original function while supporting your jaw bone. 
  • Cosmetic Care. If your teeth are yellowed or discolored, we can improve your smile’s aesthetics through teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental services. 
  • Root Canal Therapy. When tooth decay affects your roots, it can be very painful. We can treat the issue quickly using root canal therapy. 

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Distinctive Dental Solutions is here to assist you with your oral health needs. Call today to speak to our St. John dentist about your goals.


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