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If your smile could be improved, the solution lies with restorative dentistry. Lowell patients often come to our office in the hopes of getting straighter, brighter teeth. A beautiful smile is a wonderful asset that helps you feel more confident, and it’s possible to achieve your oral health goals with our compassionate dental team. Distinctive Dental Solutions provides high-quality dental restorations so patients can get a smile they are proud of. From dental hygiene to cosmetic treatments, we have what you need to achieve your dental goals. Call our office now to schedule your visit. 

Through Restorative Dentistry, Lowell Patients Get the Smile They Dream of

We are committed to providing outstanding dental restoration services. We recognize that many patients with damaged or missing teeth experience setbacks each and every day. As a result, our services are built to boost your mouth’s comfort, increase tooth longevity and enhance your appearance. In short, restorative dentistry works to rebuild your mouth’s natural feel.

Dental restorations don’t just give you confidence: they can change your entire life. After all, we smile, chew and speak every day, and these actions are typically harder to do if you are missing teeth. Solving cavities, missing teeth, misalignments and more is possible through our wide range of dental restoration services: 

  • Same Day Crowns: If you’ve ever needed a crown, you’re likely familiar with the sometimes tedious process involved. Rather than going back and forth between a dentist’s office, however, we finish everything in one appointment! You get fitted for and receive your crown in a single day, a feat made possible by our in-house state-of-the-art technology. 
  • Veneers: Damaged, crooked teeth can make you self-conscious, and in severe cases, it can affect speaking. Veneer restorations are an excellent solution, as they provide stability and resolve cosmetic issues. 
  • Fillings: Tooth-colored composite fillings are among the most common procedures we do at our office. With the technology we have today, we can create fillings that look and feel natural. 
  • Dental Implants: If a tooth has sustained severe decay or damage, it can be replaced with an implant. Essentially, an implant replaces both the tooth and the roots, which restores the mouth’s stability and natural feel. These implants are securely attached and can replace a single tooth or an entire row. 
  • Bridgework: Missing teeth can be filled using fixed bridgework. This adds structure and stability to the mouth while boosting functionality. Like our same-day crowns, we use the same incredible computer-generated imaging to create customized bridgework in a single day. 
  • Dentures: We continue to offer dentures even when other dental offices have retired the practice. Removable dentures are available in full and partial sizes. By combining dentures with implant placement, it’s possible to anchor the product for additional comfort and stability. 

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Distinctive Dental Solutions is committed to providing outstanding dentistry for all of our patients. Crooked, damaged or missing teeth cause a number of issues, all of which are solvable using restorative dentistry. Lowell residents can solve their oral health problems alongside a knowledgeable team by calling us for an appointment. 


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