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Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things for your overall health and wellness. Did you know that without enough restful sleep, you are at a higher risk for diseases and disorders like stroke, dementia, and heart disease? Poor sleep can also contribute to your mental health and increase illnesses like depression and anxiety. It’s important to know that it isn’t just the amount of sleep you get each night but also the quality of that sleep. If you are waking often, snoring, or waking with headaches, then you probably are not getting the quality sleep you need. If you are having any concerns with your sleep, it’s important you look into the issue right away to avoid both acute and chronic issues. Contact Distinctive Dental Solutions, your local Hobart sleep dentist, to see how our trained specialists can get you back to having quality, restful sleep.

What is a Sleep Dentist?

Many people are surprised to learn that their dentists can play a large part in the quality of their sleep. While a sleep dentist may sound a little out there, like Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, these dentists are actually trained in how to treat sleep issues with dentistry solutions. Sleep dentists are able to help with a range of sleep issues like sleep apnea, snoring, teeth grinding, sleep-related headaches, TMJ, and jaw soreness. Some dentists may specialize in sleep dentistry and offer only sleep-related services, while others offer specialized sleep dentist services as well as other areas of dentistry. Distinctive Dental is proud to offer sleep dentistry as well as other general dentistry services.   

What Treatments Do Sleep Dentists Offer?

If you have been suffering from sleep-related issues like snoring, sleep apnea, jaw soreness, etc., and have sought out the help of a sleep dentist, you are probably wondering what treatments they may offer. Typically for sleep apnea, which is one of the most common culprits of sleep issues, a CPAP machine is advised. While these machines are effective, they can also be very cumbersome and difficult to get used to as they require wearing a mask every time you sleep. If this doesn’t seem like a good option for you, your sleep dentist may offer alternate solutions like lifestyle changes or oral appliance therapy. Lifestyle changes can help less severe cases of sleep apnea, like losing weight or quitting smoking or drinking, as all of these things can contribute to sleep apnea. In other cases, oral appliance therapies can be used to help keep the airway open at night and can be just as effective as CPAP machines. 

Call the Experts

If you are looking for a Hobart sleep dentist, give Distinctive Dental Solutions a call. Dr. Bologna has been a licensed practitioner since 1995 and has worked with many clients to improve their sleep. Call us today to set up a consultation and see how we can get you back to having a quality sleep!


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