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A regular dental cleaning is the key to healthier, stronger teeth. Nothing replaces the powerful tools a dentist uses to professionally remove tartar, identify cavities and check for gum disease. And at Distinctive Dental Solutions, we improve the experience further. We help clients achieve better oral health through integrated services catered to their specific needs. Whether you need a general cleaning or in-depth explanations on implants, dentures or cosmetic dentistry, we’re here to provide the information you need. 

Dental Cleaning Lowell Families Can Afford

One of the biggest hurdles to accessing dental care is being able to afford the treatment. Thousands of people forgo dental cleanings simply because they do not have the money to pay for it. Don’t worry—we work with you to find suitable coverage according to your insurance plan, which is one less thing you need to worry about.  

Our services include: 

  • Cosmetic Care. Obtaining that sparkling white smile you’ve always dreamed of is possible at our office. Besides, improving your smile is more than your appearance: it improves your mouth’s function, making eating and speaking so much easier. 
  • Dental Restorations. Dental restorations give you that feeling of a fully functional mouth. 
  • Dental Hygiene. Every day, you should brush and floss. We can help you instill good habits and professionally remove tartar to improve your overall dental health. 
  • Same-Day Crowns. We make crowns a seamless process. In a single visit, you get fitted and receive your crown, so no need to make multiple appointments. 
  • And More!

We provide the full range of services you need to achieve better oral health. All of our patients receive individualized care and attention. Each patient requires unique services to uphold their individual health requirements, and our team is prepared to address them. We have been working for decades in dentistry, and we’re able to provide the information you need to make the best possible decisions regarding you and your family’s health. 

Dental health problems are common, with cavities and tooth decay affecting up to 90% of individuals. Checkups are paramount to preventing and treating these to protect the rest of your health, and there’s no better way to do this than through our individualized dentistry. 

Why Choose Distinctive Dental Solutions

Finding the right dentist for you and your family makes a tremendous difference in your attitude towards dental cleanings. It’s common for children and adults alike to feel nervous about visiting a dentist. However, know that our hygienists at Distinctive Dental Solutions aim to make the process as comfortable as possible.  

Dental hygiene has a ripple effect on the rest of your health. If your teeth and gums are in bad shape, the rest of your health can be impacted. Only a dental expert can diagnose and treat common oral health problems. 

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If it’s time for your semi-annual teeth cleaning, call Distinctive Dental Solutions to book your appointment. We provide efficient teeth cleanings alongside a rich assortment of dental services to help you achieve your goals. With our personalized advice, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted. 


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