Crown Point Teeth Whitening

If your goal is to get sparkling white teeth, you aren’t alone. Stained teeth can bring your confidence down and make you feel self-conscious about smiling. Our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions can help you achieve a smile you are proud to show off. We offer a range of in-house and take-home whitening options. With our Crown Point teeth whitening services, you’ll achieve the results you want. 

Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

Keeping your teeth spotless isn’t always easy. Even if you have good dental hygiene, you may have stains from tea, coffee, soda and other beverages and food. Many types of stains are removable with the right tools. If you’re thinking about trying professional teeth whitening, there are some things you should consider. Some of the reasons you may wish to use our teeth whitening services include:

  • Plenty of Options Available. We recognize that every patient has individual needs. Whether you’re low on time or want something that’s convenient and quick, we have the product for you. For instance, our tray options are used at home, so you have full control over when you’d like to use it. We also do special teeth whitening treatments right in our office, which tend to be more powerful. 
  • Previous Attempts Haven’t Worked. While over-the-counter whitening pastes are available, they don’t always do the trick. If you think you need something stronger, talk to our dentists. We’ll help you choose the right product that will produce the results you need. 
  • You Have A Special Event Coming Up. Teeth whitening is an easy way to instantly improve your appearance. Whether you have an upcoming wedding to prepare for or a performance of some kind, whitening your teeth will make you feel more confident. 

Professional Crown Point Teeth Whitening

Distinctive Dental Solutions is a family-owned dental office that covers all of your dental news. We offer a variety of services that you need the most. We offer professional teeth whitening to expertly strip away layers of stains so you get a brighter, cleaner-looking smile. Our options include:

  • Nite White: Nite White is one of our convenient at-home tray options. The process involves filling a fitted tray with the whitening gel and leaving on your teeth for at least one hour and up to six. If you’d prefer to use the whitening tray overnight, this is the right option for you. Results appear gradually as this option takes one to four weeks. 
  • CAO Strips: This is our entry-level whitening option that’s easy to apply. These whitening strips are one-size-fits-all and are a great solution for anyone who needs immediate results. 
  • Zoom! Professional Whitening: This is our in-office professional whitening system. Zoom! Professional Whitening will significantly brighten your teeth in just 2 hours. We’ll then give you a product to continue using at home so you can enjoy your results for longer. 

Call Distinctive Dental Solutions Today

Getting the perfect smile is possible with our professional whitening options. Our products are of high quality and approved by our dental experts. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we make teeth whitening easy. Our crown Point teeth whitening services are affordable and convenient. With so many options available, you’ll find what you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our dentist. We’re happy to provide more information!


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