What Should I Know About Whitening My Teeth? 

Nov 20 2021

A whiter smile is a brighter smile—one you feel confident showing off. If you have stains on your teeth that are leaving you feeling embarrassed about sharing your smile with the world, there is a solution available: teeth whitening. However, before you buy an at-home whitening kit, consider the following facts about teeth whitening. Then, call the team at Distinctive Dental Solutions to learn more. 

Why Whiten?

Whitening your teeth is by far the easiest, least invasive way to make a cosmetic improvement to your teeth that will really show. If you want to feel more confident in your smile and more attractive overall, teeth whitening can provide the solution. Whitening can be done in a single session (when done by a professional) and is a relatively non-invasive and inexpensive cosmetic dentistry procedure

What to Know About Teeth Whitening

Before you dive into teeth whitening, be sure to get all of the answers you need first. Here are some things to know—

  • There are both at-home and professional whitening options available. You can try an over-the-counter option, an at-home professional option, or an in-office whitening session done by your dentist. You should discuss your options with your dentist before proceeding.
  • Working with a professional can yield better results. While the at-home teeth whitening options are often more affordable, a professional whitening session in your dentist’s office will likely yield better results and can be completed in a single session. 
  • Sensitivity is normal after teeth whitening. Right after teeth whitening and the few days that follow, you may have sensitivity in your teeth and gums. This is completely normal. Choose easy-to-eat foods that are not staining in nature like coffee or tea and avoid hot or cold foods to stay comfortable. 
  • Keeping teeth white takes work. Remember that while whitening can make your teeth look great, it isn’t  a permanent solution—you will need to avoid stain-causing foods and brush regularly to keep your teeth looking bright and you will have to touch up your whitening over time as teeth pick up stain over time.
  • At-home teeth whitening isn’t always a good idea. While at-home whitening can be a quick, low-cost option, over-bleaching can cause damage and severe sensitivity in your gums. It’s always best to talk to a professional first before engaging in any type of dental procedure. 

Learn More About Whitening Your Teeth Today

To learn more about whitening your teeth and the various teeth-whitening options that exist, including professional whitening at your dentist’s office, talk to your dentist directly. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we are here to help.



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