Tips for Taking Care of Your Dental Bridge

Aug 18 2021

Suffering from missing teeth can be embarrassing—if you are missing teeth, you may not feel too inclined to smile. Fortunately, there is a solution that can leave you feeling confident again: a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a false tooth or set of false teeth that is placed in a gap (hence the name “bridge”) and secured in place by the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Dental bridges cannot be removed, and look just like your real, natural teeth. If you’ve recently had a dental bridge installed or are thinking about a dental bridge, here’s what you should know about care and maintenance—

Tips for Caring for Your Dental Bridge

As mentioned, your dental bridge isn’t like dentures—it cannot be removed and taken out to be cleaned; instead, it’s secured in your mouth and will look just like your regular teeth. That means that cleaning and caring for your dental bridge will have to happen as part of your oral health routine. Here are some tips for avoiding problems:

  • Avoid problematic foods. At the time that you have your dental bridge installed, your dentist will provide you with an overview of foods that might be problematic for your bridge, potentially leading to damage if consumed. For example, you should avoid extra chewy or sticky food, chewing ice, popcorn, etc. Talk to your dentist to learn more.
  • Brush regularly. It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day in order to keep your teeth clean. If you’re already a good brusher, consider brushing your teeth three times a day to keep things feeling extra clean.
  • Don’t forget about flossing. You’ve heard time and time again from your dentist about the importance of flossing. If you have a dental bridge, flossing is more important than ever. That being said, be careful about flossing immediately following the bridge installation, as it can be easier to accidentally dislodge the bridge with floss while your mouth is still in the healing phase.
  • Go to the dentist regularly. Regular dental checkups are a key part of good oral health, and something that you should be doing regardless of whether or not you’ve had any major dental procedures, such as the installation of a dental bridge. Regular checkups help to avoid problems and ensure you get treatment quickly if a problem does arise.

Learn More About Dental Bridges Today

If you are missing teeth, a dental bridge can be a great solution that leaves you smiling confidently again. To learn more about dental bridges and their benefits, as well as how to care for your dental bridge, call Distinctive Dental Solutions today. We are here to support you on your journey to great oral health!



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