Ten Bad Foods for Your Teeth 

Feb 18 2022

Being able to eat whatever you want without any consequences may sound like a perfect world, but, unfortunately, eating without consideration can lead to various consequences, including weight gain, disease, and oral health complications. While most people have an understanding of what foods can lead to weight gain or health problems, many aren’t aware of how food can impact their teeth. Here’s an overview of food that’s bad for your health and what you should do to keep your mouth healthy and happy—

Foods to Avoid for Teeth Health

If you want to keep your pearly whites white and healthy, there are some foods that you should eat only in limited quantities or try to avoid altogether. These include:

  • Candy and sweets. Eating candy and other sweets, including any sauces or desserts that have high amounts of sugar, can wreak havoc on oral health. Sugar is food for bacteria that can cause disease. 
  • Sodas and sugar-sweetened beverages and soft drinks. Just like candy and sweets, sodas and many other beverages and soft drinks are loaded with sugar. What’s more, carbonated beverages contain acids that can wear away enamel. 
  • Hard candy. Hard candy doesn’t just have sugar, but it can also be damaging if you bite down on hard candy, which can crack teeth. 
  • Chewy candy. As delicious as chewy candy is, that yummy goodness can get stuck in-between teeth and in the deep spots on the back molars, leading to bacteria build-up and increasing the risk of a cavity. 
  • Coffee, tea, and wine. Not only are coffee, tea, and wine acidic, which means that they can erode enamel, but they can also stain teeth and dull bright whites. 
  • Popcorn. As yummy as popcorn is, these kernels can get caught in teeth, leading to problems. Those with crowns and other dental implants should certainly avoid popcorn. 
  • Citrus fruits. Eating fruit is good for your health and can be a key part of getting the vitamins and minerals you need for overall welling. But too much citrus can introduce high amounts of acid into the mouth, which can damage enamel. 
  • Dried fruits. While dried fruits have some nutrients, the biggest issues with dried fruit are that it’s sticky and full of sugar. 
  • Acidic sauces. Acidic sauces, such as your favorite tomato pasta sauce, may be tasty, but all of that acid isn’t great for enamel. Eat sauces like this in moderation. 
  • Starchy, sticky foods. Foods that are starchy may get stuck into the smallest nooks and crannies of the teeth, increasing the risk of cavities.

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