Should You Consider Dental Implants? 

Sep 6 2022

For those with missing or damaged teeth, knowing the best option for restoring your smile and your confidence isn’t always obvious. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we provide comprehensive restorative dental services, including dental implants. If you’re curious about dental implants and whether or not you may be a good candidate, our pros are here to answer your questions. Here’s what you should know about dental implants—

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are adhered to fake teeth. A dental implant surgery involves removing an existing tooth and tooth root and placing the implant within the jaw bone. Once the jaw and surrounding tissue has healed—which can take weeks or months—an abutment will be attached to the implant. An abutment is a small connector post to which the artificial tooth will be attached, which is the last step in the process. The artificial tooth will look and feel like a real tooth, and will match the color and shade of your surrounding teeth. With a dental implant, you can eat and speak as normal, and don’t need to perform any special care other than exercising good oral hygiene. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to determine whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants, it’s important to talk to your dentist. Your dentist will advise you of all of your options. You may be a good candidate for dental implants if you have missing or severely damaged teeth and:

  • Your jawbone is healthy
  • Your jawbone is fully developed 
  • Your gum tissue is healthy
  • You are not a good candidate for dentures or a dental bridge

How to Learn More About Dental Implants

Before you make the decision to get dental implants, it’s important to discuss all of your options with your dentist and to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of implants. While implants can last for years and look great, the process of having them installed can take many months. 

If you’re ready to learn more about dental implants, your best resource is a certified dentist who has experience in dental implant surgery, as well as other dental restoration procedures. 

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At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we are accepting new patients and have the experience in dental implant surgery you can trust. To learn more about our services and whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants, call us directly today or send us a message online. 



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