How to Combat Dental Anxiety 

Aug 9 2021

There are many people who have anxiety about going to the dentist. For many, the cost may seem prohibitive; for some, there is fear about the sounds and feeling of someone working on their teeth; for others, there is anxiety about the dentist discovering a problem; for most, there is uncertainty around potential pain. While the fear of the dentist may be a relatively common phobia, it’s important to remember that seeing a dentist regularly is a key part of good oral hygiene. If you are suffering from dental anxiety, our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions has some tips to help. 

Choose a Dentist You Trust

One of the first ways to start getting over your fear of going to the dentist is to be sure that you schedule an appointment with a dentist whom you trust. This might be someone you know personally, a dentist who’s referred to you, or a dentist who has great reviews. 

Find a Safe Distraction

At Distinctive Dental, we use education and explanation for all of our procedures, but the anxious patient generally benefits the most from truly understanding the procedure as it unfolds and progresses.  Another option may be to listen to music or a podcast, or to work through problems or lists in your head. Find a distraction that leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, and safe.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

If you’re someone who gets anxious about going to the dentist, you can plan to use various relaxation techniques while you’re in the chair to help you calm down. One of the most common relaxation techniques is to take deep, long breaths on a four-count. Another option is progressive muscle relaxation, where you tense and release muscles in your body one at a time.

Familiarize Yourself with the Procedure

Something that works well for many patients is taking the time to talk to your dentist and understand what the procedure is and what you should expect before, during, and after your treatment. If you know what to expect, you may be more relaxed. Your dentist can also provide information about any pain or discomfort that you might experience along the way. 

See a Psychologist

If you can’t bring yourself to go to the dentist, you might want to try working through your anxiety with a mental health professional first.

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