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Dec 5 2022

Fall is a busy season for many people. Kids and parents are settling into a new school year with sports and after-school activities. Families are thinking ahead to the upcoming holidays while balancing professional responsibilities. With all of these tasks taking up your time, it’s easy to overlook your dental benefits. If you haven’t already been to the dentist this year, you are at risk for losing your benefits once the new year starts, since dental insurance doesn’t roll over to the next year. Schedule a checkup at Distinctive Dental Solutions before the end of the year to make the most of your benefits. 

Why Schedule a Dentist Appointment?

In addition to addressing toothaches or a regular dental cleaning, there are several reasons to visit our office right away. 

  • Making the Most of Your Insurance Deductible. A deductible is how much money you pay to your dentist before your insurance company contributes. If you’ve already paid your deductible but only visited the dentist one time, you aren’t getting your money’s worth since your deductible starts fresh in the new year.  
  • Coverage Changes or Increased Fees. There have been many changes to healthcare coverage in recent years, and it’s a reasonable expectation for new changes to take place in the future. Some of these changes can involve increased fees or reduced coverage, so you should take advantage of your current options before these take place. 
  • Use Your Flexible Spending Account Contributions. If you visit the dentist before the year is over, you can spend your remaining balance on a flexible spending account. This account is established through your employer and may include pre-tax pay. You’ll lose it if you don’t use it, so use all of your FSA now. 
  • Premiums Are Rising. You pay monthly dental insurance premiums through your provider, so take advantage of the benefits you receive. Even if you think your oral health is fine, it’s still worth having a professional exam to ensure you don’t have cavities, gum disease and other potentially costly problems. 
  • Yearly Maximum. Generally, dental health plans have an annual amount of pay that they’ll cover. It’s a maximum dollar amount that can be used towards your dental care costs every year. You are personally responsible for using these benefits before they renew, since they don’t roll over. 

The Importance of Dental Care

Our services are covered by several major insurance providers. Regular dental care can help to prevent the need for costly procedures. Of course, cavities can still happen no matter how good your dental habits are, so regular checkups are key to catching the signs of tooth decay early and preventing further complications. 

Regular dental care allows you to play an active role in your health. By supporting a healthy, beautiful smile, you are protecting your well-being, and that’s a worthy investment. 

Contact a Dentist Today

Your dental coverage resets next year, so get the most out of it by visiting Distinctive Dental Solutions now. We are fully committed to preventing and treating oral health problems. Talk to our dentists today.



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