Debunking The Most Common Myths About Sleep Apnea

Jun 25 2023

Sleep apnea is a very common ailment among adults so it’s no surprise there is a lot of information floating around about it. Some may be helpful but some common ideas are not accurate and can actually be harmful. It’s important to have an accurate understanding of any health condition which is why we have taken the time to discuss some of the most common myths about sleep apnea below and help you understand the reality behind all the rumors!

Myth: Sleep apnea only happens in adults

This is a common misconception about sleep apnea. While sleep apnea is much more common in adults, it isn’t unheard of in children. Anywhere from 10-20% of children who snore could be dealing with sleep apnea. It’s just as important for children to follow up on sleep apnea concerns as it is for adults.

Myth: I’m not overweight, it can’t be sleep apnea

While being overweight is a main contributing factor to sleep apnea it is certainly not only these individuals who can suffer from this issue. Genetics and facial structure can also play a large role in who experiences sleep apnea. Don’t count yourself out (our in) for sleep apnea concerns based solely on weight.

Myth: I snore so I have sleep apnea

Snoring is another very common symptom of sleep apnea but as with weight, it doesn’t automatically mean you suffer from the condition. Many people erroneously believe that snoring can only mean sleep apnea but actually there are quite a few other things that can cause snoring alone from congestion to the structure of your nose and other diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Myth: I snore but I feel fine, so its not sleep apnea

Sometimes it may be difficult to recognize the symptoms of sleep apnea. You may think you feel fine, but do you really? Take a minute to thoughtfully consider your day-to-day life. Are you often tired? Have trouble concentrating? Irritable? Suffer from headaches? Any of these things can be indicators you do suffer from sleep apnea.

Myth: I don’t need treatment for my sleep apnea

Many people believe they don’t need treatment for their sleep apnea but what they don’t realize is what a difference treatment can make. Your energy and mood can improve and it can have drastic changes for your quality of life. Even more important, ignored sleep apnea can often lead to more serious concerns like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Myth: CPAP machines are impossible to get used to

Many individuals avoid treatment for sleep apnea as they think they will get saddled with an uncomfortable CPAP machine. The good news is, CPAP machines have come a long way and are more comfortable and easy to use now. You also may not need one at all! There are other options available that trained professionals can help you with.

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