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Your oral health influences the rest of your physical well-being in ways you may not realize. Infection of the gums and teeth can cause bacteria to travel to other parts of the body, causing disease and inflammation. Fortunately, these complications are highly preventable through professional dental cleanings. Here at Distinctive Dental Solutions, our team offers superior services for your entire family. Regular dental checkups are paramount to good oral health, and for many people, it starts with professional teeth cleaning. Schererville patients can discover a full range of services at our office to create a custom care plan. 

The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

Dental health is an essential part of our health, yet many people may underestimate its importance. Cavities, gingivitis and dental decay are just a few of the potential issues a person can develop without good oral hygiene. While regular flossing and brushing can tremendously reduce the risk of these problems, nothing replaces a professional dental cleaning. 

Our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions uses powerful dental technology to diagnose, treat and prevent many of the most common oral health complications. Our imaging technology lets us identify the signs of dental decay before it affects your overall health, making these exams an important part of your dental care routine. 

  • Keep bacteria in check to reduce the risk of dental health conditions
  • Prevent larger complications, including endocarditis and cardiovascular disease, which can be related to gum disease
  • Receive professional advice from a knowledgeable dentist
  • Achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile

Protect Your Health With Our Dental Solutions

Distinctive Dental Solutions is committed to helping you improve your oral health. By understanding how dental hygiene impacts the rest of your body, you can better protect yourself from inflammation associated with dental infections. At our office, we provide informative consultations where you can develop a better understanding of your current dental health, and which of our services can help you achieve your goals. We use a detailed oriented approach that considers your current and past health to effectively prevent common oral complications. 

You’ll discover exactly what you need within our dental services:

  • Teeth Whitening. We offer many cosmetic dental services, and teeth whitening is one of our most popular. Many people wish to have sparkling white teeth, and with our at-home and in-office options, it’s possible.
  • Deep Cleaning. For teeth with extensive bacteria or inflammation, a deep cleaning may be needed to solve the problem. It’s a surgical procedure that removes tartar to protect your teeth and gums. 
  • Root Canal Therapy. When a tooth infection spreads to the pulp, a root canal may be needed to remove the infected tissue to help your mouth heal. 

All of our services are carried out with the utmost diligence and care. Depend on our team for outstanding dental services. 

Is It Time for a Teeth Cleaning? Schererville Patients Can Visit Our Office

Distinctive Dental Solutions is ready to assist you. To schedule a teeth cleaning, Schererville patients can call our office today. 


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