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Good sleep is an essential part of our physical and mental health. Just a single night of poor sleep can leave one feeling exhausted for days. Yet, determining the root cause of your sleep disruptions isn’t always simple. One of the most common problems is sleep apnea, a condition in which the soft throat tissues relax during sleep, obstructing the airways. An individual with sleep apnea may wake up many times throughout the night, leading to dissatisfying sleep. If it’s time to speak with a “sleep medicine dentist near me” about your condition, contact Distinctive Dental Solutions right away. 

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

When we are asleep, our bodies undergo transformative processes. From cell regeneration to memory storage, there are many reasons that sleep is essential to our health. If you believe you have sleep apnea, there are several steps to take. Since sleep apnea can lead to major health problems, prompt treatment is important, and you can receive the help you need right at our dentist’s office. Talk to our dentists if you have the following symptoms: 

  • Disruptive snoring
  • Breathing stops while asleep
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Irritability or mood changes
  • Fatigue and daytime drowsiness

It may help to keep a journal of your symptoms so you can track when and how often they happen. Generally, sleep apnea can cause significant disruptions in both sleep and one’s daily routine due to exhaustion. Long-term complications, which include high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, can affect your entire physical health, so don’t hesitate to discuss your experience with a dentist

How Sleep Apnea is Treated At the Dentist

When you’ve been waking up due to snoring, trouble breathing and other symptoms of sleep apnea, a dentist is a key resource. We have the technology and expertise needed to solve your condition and help you feel better. Dental sleep medicine is a practice that utilizes oral appliances to prevent snoring. These appliances are custom fit for your mouth to maximize comfort and efficacy. Your appliance will gently pull the lower jaw forward to prevent muscles in the back of the throat from relaxing and blocking your airway. For most patients, an oral appliance is a highly effective solution. 

Of course, the way your sleep apnea is treated also depends on what kind it is. There are several forms:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Central Sleep Apnea
  • Complex Sleep Apnea

A dentist can help you determine which form you have to best provide the treatment you need. Since some may be caused by an underlying health issue, such as obesity, we use this knowledge to guide us in finding a suitable treatment plan. 

Looking For a “Sleep Medicine Dentist Near Me?” Contact Our Office

Sleep apnea can make it impossible to be well-rested, so don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable health expert. Distinctive Dental Solutions is here to help you find the best treatment based on your individual needs. Call us to speak with a sleep medicine dentist near me. 


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