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Many of us have experienced snoring. But sometimes, snoring is a sign of a bigger issue that can put your health at risk. Sleep apnea is a common health condition affecting millions of adults, and it causes your breathing to stop and start repeatedly throughout the night. If you have this condition, you may struggle to get enough rest due to repeatedly waking up. Feel better through sleep apnea treatment. Lowell dentists at Distinctive Dental Solutions provide all the information you need to protect your health. 

Is It Sleep Apnea or Just Snoring?

Snoring is very common among people of all ages. Most people snore every now and again, as is true for around 30 to 45% of the population. Generally, snoring is nothing more than a minor nuisance that can cause some trouble for you or your partner. But if you snort, gag or choke while you snore, you should get your symptoms examined. Snoring that’s accompanied by these symptoms may indicate sleep apnea. The neck tissues relax during sleep and block the airway, which disrupts your sleep. 

Sleep apnea is serious because it can affect your overall health. This condition is associated with an increased risk for stroke, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Treating the condition sooner rather than later can mitigate the harmful effects. Our office provides the solutions you need. 

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Lowell Patients Can Expect a Great Experience

Distinctive Dental Solutions understands that your family needs superior care. At our dentist’s office, you can explore various treatments for obstructive sleep apnea. We deliver high-quality care every step of the way, and we tailor every treatment to your unique health needs. Obstructive sleep apnea can cause fatigue, headaches and poor sleep due to repeated pauses in breathing while you’re asleep—often 30 times or more an hour. You may not suspect you have sleep apnea until you’ve talked about your experiences with a knowledgeable dentist

Typically, the test involves a polysomnogram, which studies the physical and cognitive activities that take place while you’re asleep. It reads electrical signals between the brain and neck to determine how the area moves during sleep. We use the following tests: 

  • Home Sleep Test
  • Nasal airflow sensor
  • Electromyogram
  • Electroculogram
  • Electrocardiogram

What Do My Results Mean?

After we’ve collected your data, we’ll consider the results alongside your reported symptoms. In order to receive a diagnosis, you’ll have to speak to a certified sleep physician, who will interpret your results and determine the type of sleep apnea you have. Treatment varies depending on your exact diagnosis. Some patients improve through simple lifestyle changes, while others may need a CPAP to support proper breathing during sleep. We can create a custom mouthpiece if oral appliance therapy is a good option for you. 

Talk to Our Dentists

Sleep apnea can significantly impact your health. Don’t hesitate to talk to our team at Distinctive Dental Solutions if you have symptoms. Through sleep apnea treatment, Lowell patients can take charge of their health and get a better night’s rest.


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