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Dental work is life changing. Nothing compares to the natural look and feel of real teeth, and with dental restorations, you can achieve a replicated experience. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we practice a wide range of restorative dentistry. Schneider residents in need of dependable dental services can visit our office. 

When You Need Restorative Dentistry, Schneider Dentists Are Here for You

Our team of compassionate dentists is here for you when you need us. We understand the impact a healthy smile has on your life. Many aspects of your life are influenced by your teeth, from smiling to chewing and talking. Your confidence may be low because of crooked teeth and dissatisfaction with your smile. Some individuals need larger-scale treatments, such as those with:

  • Missing teeth
  • Damaged or chipped teeth
  • Weakening jawbone
  • Tooth decay

Dental problems affect individuals of all ages and can be complications of a poor diet, injuries, irregular care, and aging. Taking good care of your teeth begins with the help of a professional. Regular dental visits are key. However, if you’ve already sustained damage, know that you don’t have to resign yourself to a life with a poorly functioning mouth. We can restore your mouth’s original comfort using the latest technology right in our office.  

Our Restorative Dental Services

We’ll determine the best choice by speaking to you at a consultation. You’ll discuss your situation with our dentist, and we may take a few x-rays or other tests to get us a better look. We may recommend the following:

  • Veneers. Crooked or damaged teeth can compromise your confidence. Veneers can solve the problem by giving the appearance of straight teeth. These are placed over the front teeth and created using the same technology as same-day crowns for a perfect fit. 
  • Implants. Implants are best for teeth that are severely damaged or completely missing. They look and feel like real teeth, helping you regain the comfort you’ve lost. These are permanent. 
  • Fixed Bridgework. Bridgework is an effective way to fill the gap of missing teeth. We use computer-aided technology to accurately fit and create your bridgework. 
  • Same-Day Crowns. Tooth decay and cavities can lead to gaps and uneven areas in the enamel. We can replace and fill the area using same-day crowns. We create these in a single appointment, quickly getting you in and out of our office without additional visits. 
  • Dentures. Missing teeth can impair your ability to chew and talk. Solve the issue with partial or full dentures, a convenient way to instantly add comfort. These can be removable or anchored to implants for extra stability. 

Customized solutions and dedicated care are two components you can rely on at our dentist’s office. We’re a caring team that’s worked with countless families over the past years. 

Find the Right Solution for You

Restorative dentistry can impact your life in many ways, all of which contribute to greater confidence. There’ll be no need to worry about being able to chew certain foods or feel self-conscious when you smile. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we’re committed to providing outstanding restorative dentistry Schneider patients can depend on. We will help you find the right solutions to your troubles. Visit us at a consultation to begin.  


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