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Achieving a beautiful smile is easy with the help of our skilled dentistry team. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we provide all of the services you need to keep your smile sparkling and flawless. We offer a range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry services in one convenient location. When you need reliable “restorative dentistry near me,” visit our office for the empathetic care you deserve.  

Restorative Dentistry Near Me That’s Efficient, Affordable

Restorative dentistry involves solving various issues with the mouth’s structure and teeth. For example, an individual who is missing teeth for any reason may visit a dentist to restore his or her smile. The process may involve replacing damaged teeth with prosthetics, getting fillings, crowns and a number of other options. With so many advantages, it seems like getting restorative dental work done should be an obvious choice. But many people face time and money constraints that limit their ability to improve their smile. Between school, work, raising a family, and any other obligations, finding time to sit in a dentist’s office and come back for return visits may sound impossible. 

As a family-owned business, Distinctive Dental Solutions empathizes with your frustrations. We endeavor to support families and their busy lifestyles by getting you in and out of our office without taking up your precious time. From same-day crowns to detailed dental imagery, our team works efficiently while delivering services with accurate results. You can trust us for the restorative dental services you need:

  • Removable Dentures: We offer dentures that you can wear with confidence. These dentures are available in full and partial sizes so they fit your mouth comfortably. 
  • Dental Implants: If you’re missing teeth, dental implants may be the right solution. We use computer-generated images to accurately size your implants so they fit perfectly. 
  • Same-Day Crowns: Previously, getting crowns was a timely process. You would need to visit your dentist for a consultation before receiving your crowns. Your dentist would have to send your information to a lab, where the crown would be created, and then sent back to your dentist. Fortunately, with the help of the latest dental technology, everything is done in our office, so we complete the process in a single day!
  • Veneers: Veneer restorations have a number of uses. They cover up damaged or stained teeth to make your smile look brighter. Veneers are used for the upper and lower front teeth. 

Our restorative dentistry provides all of the solutions you need in one convenient location. If you are ready to have a brighter, healthier smile, discuss your needs with our team! We work with each patient individually to provide the best solutions for your unique dental needs. 

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Improve your dental health at Distinctive Dental Solutions. Our family-owned dentistry is proud to serve hundreds of clients every year. We fulfill your greatest dental needs and help you find the right solution to your problem. If you’ve been looking for “restorative dentistry near me,” call our office! We’ll guide you through the process and provide information on insurance coverage and any other questions you may have. 


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