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Distinctive Dental Solutions offers innovative solutions to your dental concerns. From convenient whitening tray options to impeccable dental restorations, our team delivers high quality results no matter what dental issues you are facing. Call our dentist to discuss your Hobart dental restoration today. 

Maintaining a Healthy Smile is Easy At Our Office

When it comes to achieving a healthier smile, everyone has different goals. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we combine individualized advice with state-of-the-art procedures to help you change your oral health for the better. At our office, you become an active participant in you and your family’s oral health. 

Regularly visiting a dentist is an essential part of preventing cavities, gingivitis and other oral health problems. Of course, we believe that good oral health takes more than just an occasional visit to our office. We help you and your family develop dental hygiene that will contribute to your good health for years. Our insight is what makes us stand out among other dentistries, and is why so many families choose us!

Our Hobart Dental Restoration Services

Our services are tailored to your unique dental needs. We listen carefully to you so we can guide you to the best possible treatment. We offer a variety of restorative dental solutions so you can choose something that works best for your lifestyle:

  • Same-Day Crowns. Usually, replacing a crown can take weeks. At our office, however, you skip the numerous appointments and get a brand new crown in one appointment! Our same-day crowns are created using precise imagery technology so your crown fits perfectly. We make your crown for you in-house, meaning your information is simply transferred within our office. You’ll be pleased with the convenience. 
  • Dental Implants. When a tooth is severely decayed or broken, we can replace the entire tooth and root with an implant. Dental implants are designed to feel and work like a natural tooth, so you won’t notice a difference in your daily life. You can brush and floss the tooth as you normally would. 
  • Removable Dentures. Dentures are an excellent option to restore your mouth’s function. Removable dentures are available in full or partial sizes and can be anchored to your mouth so that you can speak, chew and smile confidently. 

All of our options are carried out with the same level of quality, dedicated care. Our staff is wholly dedicated to helping you feel your best. We understand that many individuals feel embarrassed or frustrated by their missing teeth. We are compassionate and empathetic to your needs, so you can depend on us for results that change your life. 

Call Us to Learn More About Our Hobart Dental Restoration Services

Taking steps to improve your oral health can improve your life for years to come. Address your top dental concerns with the caring staff at Distinctive Dental Solutions. We offer many different services to help our patients feel their best. We understand the power of a beautiful, healthy smile, and we do everything we can to help you achieve that. Call our office today to learn more about our Hobart dental restoration services.


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