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From gingivitis to oral cancer, there are so many health complications that can happen if you don’t take care of your teeth. Having a healthy, beautiful smile is so much more than a confidence booster: your teeth are directly tied to your overall physical health. By keeping your mouth healthy, you can mitigate many common health problems, so invest in your smile by regularly visiting a dentist. Hobart patients can call Distinctive Dental Solutions to schedule their semi-annual checkup today. 

The Benefits of Visiting a Dentist

All aspects of our physical health are connected. While bacteria in your mouth may not seem like a big deal, it’s possible for infections to spread to other parts of your body via the bloodstream. As a result, you can eventually experience various issues. Fortunately, it’s possible to circumvent these problems through regular dental examinations. 

You may not think much of your visits to the dentist, other than consider it a routine appointment. However, each visit gives our team a chance to assess your oral health and find ways to improve it. What seems like a small issue can quickly become a major problem if left overlooked. Plaque hardens to tartar and eventually can cause cavities and major tooth decay. It’s impossible to remove tartar using at-home measures since it is securely attached to the tooth, so you will need a professional cleaning to remove this harmful substance before it causes problems. We approach dentistry with a preventative mindset, so you can enjoy a wide range of services designed to protect your oral health both now and into the future. 

What Happens At Your Appointment

During a general appointment, one of our hygienists will get you situated and clean your teeth. We may need to gently scrape away tartar buildup and take a few x-rays if necessary. Then, you’ll meet with our dentist, Dr. Bologna, and discuss any concerns you may have. Your comfort is our priority, so we do everything we can to make you feel welcome. You can freely discuss any symptoms you’re experiencing so we can deliver the best treatment. 

In addition to standard teeth cleanings, we provide a wide range of services to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Some things to consider during your appointment include: 

  • Oral Cancer Detection. Oral cancer is a very serious disease that causes varying symptoms. Fortunately, if caught early enough, it’s possible to treat it before major complications occur. Adult patients will receive oral cancer screenings during their regular appointments. 
  • Gum Disease Prevention. As plaque and tartar build up, it increases inflammation around the gums. Over time, gum tissue will recede from the tooth, leaving gaps for bacteria to grow. This leads to infections below the gum line, pain and swelling. 
  • Dental Hygiene. Good dental habits go a long way. Taking the time to brush and floss daily contributes to significantly improved oral health. We can also identify potential issues with the jaw, such as TMJ, as well as cysts or bone decay through x-ray imaging.  

To Visit a Dentist, Hobart Patients Can Call Our Office

With so many reasons to visit a dentist, Hobart patients should call us right away to schedule a checkup! Distinctive Dental Solutions looks forward to serving you and your family.


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