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Achieve a beautiful smile at Distinctive Dental Solutions. We provide a superior level of dentistry that helps you and your family protect your oral health for years to come. There are times when tooth decay, injury or other issues warrant dental implants. DeMotte patients can discuss their options with our team and learn what this means for them. 

Dental Implants DeMotte Patients Need to Smile Confidently

Distinctive Dental Solutions, we believe that prevention is the key to lifelong oral health. Using a combination of preventative measures can ward off many of the most common complications. Of course, for some individuals, the damage is already done. There are many health problems that can lead to tooth decay and loss. Injuries to the face, poor dental hygiene, gingivitis and other common problems can cause significant damage. Rest assured knowing there’s hope. 

A dentist can help you find the right solution to improve your smile’s function and aesthetics. For many people with tooth loss, we recommend dental implants as these offer the security they need. Dental implants are securely installed in the gums so that they feel and work like natural teeth. 

Dental implants are beneficial because they let you experience the feel of actual teeth. Gaps and damaged teeth can make chewing, speaking and other activities difficult due to the shape of the teeth and how it affects your alignment. Implants solve this by restoring the teeth’s natural shape. Our team will help you find the right option for you based on your needs.

  • Stability. You can chew and speak with implants without worry. 
  • Improved Appearance. Implants look like the perfect teeth of your dreams. 
  • Dependable. There are very few risks associated with implants, making them a safe, reliable option. 
  • Preserving Teeth. Unlike certain other options, which may involve grinding down the enamel, implants preserve your natural teeth. 
  • Easy to Maintain. Floss and brush your implants as you would natural teeth. 
  • Strengthens Jaw. Tooth loss can eventually lead to jaw weakness, which may change the face shape. Retain the jaw bone with dental implants. 

Why Choose Our Dentist?

Distinctive Dental is committed to providing the best service and quality of care possible. Your entire family can find the assistance they need right in our office. We provide a wide range of services to support your long term oral health and prevent complications from arising. Everyone has unique health and we deliver individualized solutions to support your own specific needs. 

At our office, you receive the best care possible. Each of our team members is compassionate, friendly and prepared to help you with your questions no matter how big or small. We lead you to the right treatment based on the symptoms you’re experiencing, the goals you’d like to achieve. From teeth whitening to restorative dentistry, we have everything you need in one convenient location. 

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Distinctive Dental Solutions is here to assist you and your family with your oral health needs. To learn more about dental implants, DeMotte patients can reach out to schedule an appointment. 


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