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Dental decay and gum disease aren’t the only oral health issues people are at risk for. Some develop significant complications that lead to tooth loss. Gaps in your smile can impact your confidence and make it difficult to chew or speak. Distinctive Dental Solutions offers ways for you to look and feel your best. Dental implants are a feasible option for many people who are missing teeth. Our dentists provide the information you need to learn if you can benefit from dental implants. Crown Point patients can call our office for a consultation where they can learn more. 

Common Causes of Tooth Loss

More and more people are keeping their teeth longer thanks to the widespread awareness of dental hygiene. That being said, some people will still lose their teeth due to infection or injury throughout their lifetime. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we see patients regularly who have signs of oral health complications. We always try to prevent these problems from happening in the first place, but sometimes, the damage is extensive by the patient comes to our office and the tooth needs to be removed. A few common causes of tooth loss in adults include: 

  • Gum Disease. About 70% of missing teeth can be attributed to gum disease, also called periodontal disease. As the number one leading cause of tooth loss, it starts with inflammation from bacteria in the mouth. Over time, the disease progresses to the gum tissues and even the jawbone beneath, which takes away the tooth’s much-needed stability. 
  • Cavities. Cavities are holes that form in teeth due to a bacterial infection. Tooth decay can reach the pulp inside the tooth, warranting its removal. Good oral habits can help to prevent cavities, and early treatment is key to protecting your smile. 
  • Physical Injury. Accidents happen when we least expect them, such as during sports. While mouthguards and other safety measures can reduce the risk, a single blow can knock a tooth out of its socket. 
  • Other Risks. Certain chronic diseases can raise the risk of tooth loss, such as diabetes, smoking and poor nutrition. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent tooth loss. 

How Dental Restorations Can Help

No matter why you’re dealing with tooth loss, our dentists can help you find the right solution. We deliver a wide range of services at our office, and we are here to help you explore your options. Dental implants are one of the best choices for individuals with a missing tooth that’s impacting their ability to speak, chew and smile with confidence. For others, veneers or bridgework can also offer much-needed stability. 

Regardless of what opinion is right for you, dental restorations are a worthwhile investment. There are so many advantages to dental restorations, including comfort. If you have a missing tooth, you likely are aware of its absence, especially when chewing. Dental implants and other restorative solutions give you back your mouth’s natural feel. You can floss and brush as you normally would. 

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Dental restorations recreate your mouth’s natural function and aesthetics. Distinctive Dental Solutions is here to support you. Call our dentists to discuss dental restorations.   


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