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A healthy smile is more than something that simply gives you confidence. By maintaining good oral health in the present, you are supporting your overall well-being for years down the line. Preventing cavities, tooth decay and other problems can sometimes be challenging, which is why you should discuss your options with a knowledgeable dentist. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, our Cedar Lake dentists work with you to determine your goals. We develop an individualized care plan that helps you achieve better oral hygiene habits and addresses all risk factors for dental diseases. 

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If you’ve had cavities, gingivitis and other oral health issues in the past, you know how much these problems can impact your life. Painful teeth and swollen gums can make something as simple as chewing difficult. Regular dental visits play an important role in preventing and treating common dental issues. Distinctive Dental Solutions offers a full range of services to redefine your experience with dental care. Our skilled dentists are here to support you and your family’s unique health needs by building a plan that includes our innovative services: 

  • Dental Hygiene. Keeping your mouth clean supports your overall health, which is something that many people do not realize. Bacteria in the mouth can impact other parts of the body, causing inflammation and infection and increasing the risks of certain chronic illnesses. Regular dental screenings help to lower the chance of cavities and other complications while furthering your individual dental goals.
  • Deep Cleaning. If you have inflamed gums, bleeding after flossing or bone loss as shown by x-rays, it may be time for deep cleaning. Also known as planing and scaling, this procedure removes harmful bacteria by stripping away layers of tartar from your teeth. It is highly effective for those with frequent oral infections due to tartar buildup. If a regular cleaning isn’t sufficient for your symptoms, we can provide additional information on this treatment.   
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment. Do you struggle with snoring every night? Do you frequently wake up gasping for air? If these symptoms persist, you may have a condition called sleep apnea. This condition can lead to serious health problems if left untreated, so don’t hesitate to talk to our dentists. We provide specialized sleep apnea treatment to effectively manage your symptoms and protect your health.

Our dental services encompass a wide range of needs, and we provide unwavering support to patients of all ages. At our office, you have the opportunity to discuss your unique dental goals with our knowledgeable team. We are committed to helping each patient find the best solutions based on their individual circumstances for maximum efficacy. Whether you are interested in cosmetic treatments, restorative dentistry, invisible orthodontics and more, we have everything you need in one convenient location. We look forward to assisting you and your family as your most trusted dentist.

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