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You deserve an experienced and dedicated Cedar Lake dentist. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, you’ll discover that you have options when it comes to improving the function and form of your teeth. Our dentistry is professional and dedicated to reaching your highest satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a dependable local dentist to get your semi-annual cleaning or somewhere that offers affordable solutions to common dental problems, we’re confident that we fit the bill. 

Credible, Professional Cedar Lake Dentists

The team at Distinctive Dental Solutions believes that dentistry is something that should be understood by all our patients. We want to know what services are right for you so you can adequately choose the ones that restore your teeth’s health and appearance. As such, our team makes an effort to provide services that are comprehensible. 

Once you’ve discussed your goals with one of our dentists, we will lead you to the services that we know will help you reach your desired look. Our dentists are experienced in many areas of dentistry, from hygiene to restorative services. No matter what brings you to our office, our dentists will listen and help you find a solution.

Receive All the Services You Need From Our Cedar Lake Dentist 

At Distinctive Dental, your family is in good hands. We perform a number of dental procedures, from routine cleanings to restorative work. Here’s a snapshot of the services that our dentists provide:

  • Cosmetic care. Having a healthy smile isn’t just about the way your teeth look: you need your teeth to function properly, too. We offer bonding, invisible orthodontics (like Invisalign), veneers and more. 
  • Dental implants. Restore and replace broken or missing teeth. Implants help you chew your food and talk while feeling natural. 
  • Teeth whitening. We provide several whitening options to fit various patient needs and whitening levels. Let our professionals strip away stains, or purchase a whitening tray to use at home.  

Cedar Lake Dentist Offers Same-Day Crowns and More

Have you ever canceled a dentist appointment and didn’t reschedule it for weeks—or even months—because you felt too busy?  Distinctive Dental Solutions recognizes that many of our clients have busy lifestyles and not enough time to allocate towards sitting in a dentist’s chair. We’re conscious of your time and respect that sometimes, you need to be in and out of our office in little time. 

Some procedures, you may attempt to avoid entirely, like getting that replacement crown you’ve been needing. While getting a new crown is usually a time-consuming and tedious process involving back-to-back appointments, we do things differently. Same-day crowns are just as they sound. You get your crown fitted and implanted in a single appointment! We use advanced dental technology to quickly produce an accurate digital “mold” of your mouth. We then send the image to our on-site technicians, who make your crown immediately. 

A Cedar Lake Dentist Will Help You Achieve a Beautiful Smile

Distinctive Dental Solutions is your trusted Cedar Lake dentist. If you are interested in our services, call our office to schedule an appointment. We are always happy to meet new clients and build a strong partnership with you.


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