4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants 

Oct 13 2021

Suffering from a missing tooth or missing teeth is more common than you may think. Missing teeth can happen as a result of age, tooth decay and oral diseases, or as a result of an accident. While missing teeth are common, suffering from a missing tooth can be embarrassing. Many people who have missing teeth don’t feel confident about their smile, have trouble pronouncing certain words and speaking, and may also struggle to eat. At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we can help you to explore solutions that work. One of the best solutions for missing teeth is a dental implant. Here are four reasons why you should replace missing teeth with dental implants—to learn more, call us today. 

  1. Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

One of the primary benefits of dental implants is that, unlike some other solutions for missing teeth, dental implants can last a lifetime. That means that once you have dental implants installed in your jawbone, they can remain secure for life. This is a no-fuss approach that makes management and maintenance straightforward. 

  1. Dental Implants Improve Your Smile

For many people, the number one reason to get dental implants is that dental implants greatly improve one’s smile. Dental implants, when paired with secured teeth, look natural and real. You can have a beautiful smile that you feel confident about with dental implants. 

  1. Dental Implants Function Like Your Natural Teeth

Not only do dental implants improve your smile, but they may also improve the function of your mouth and teeth. For example, dental implants can help you to chew your food without pain and more efficiently, and may help you to pronounce words that you were struggling with before as a result of missing teeth. For most people, once dental implants are installed, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between one’s natural teeth and the implants—all of your teeth will work together to help you eat, speak, and smile big. 

  1. Dental Implants Help to Protect Your Jawbone

There are more than just day-to-day functional and aesthetic benefits to dental implants; dental implants can help to protect your jawbone and prevent deterioration over time. This is because gaps in the spaces as a result of missing teeth can accelerate deterioration of the jawbone, which can in turn risk the stability of other teeth in the surrounding area. Dental implants actually stimulate new bone growth and help to mitigate any further bone loss. 

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