4 Dangerous Side Effects of Teeth Grinding on Your Oral Health 

Sep 13 2022

If you’ve been to the dentist and have been recommended a mouth guard, it may be because you have a habit of grinding your teeth when you sleep. Medically known as bruxism, this condition is characterized by unconsciously clenching your teeth when you’re away or clenching or grinding them when you’re asleep—the latter is known as sleep bruxism.

While you may think that bruxism is no big deal—especially if you don’t have any noticeable side effects from it. However, grinding your teeth can have big consequences on your oral health. Here are four dangerous side effects of teeth grinding on your oral health you should know—

  1. Pain and Discomfort

When it comes to your comfort and wellbeing, the pain and discomfort that grinding your teeth can cause is a top reason to seek treatment. Grinding your teeth leads to constant pressure on the jaw joints and the surrounding methods, which can leave your jaw and teeth feeling sore. This can also cause major headaches, which make it hard to get through the day. 

  1. Tooth Damage

Even more concerning that pain and discomfort alone is the risk of tooth damage that can result from grinding one’s teeth. When a person frequently grinds and clenches their teeth, the tooth surface and enamel can become worn down. This has a number of consequences, including loss of enamel, tooth sensitivity, and even a higher risk of teeth cracking or fracturing. This may also put you at a higher risk of cavities. 

  1. Jaw Disorders

While it won’t happen overnight, constant grinding of the teeth for multiple years can lead to disorders of the temporomandibular, also known as disorders of the bones and muscles that make up the jaw. Not only can this lead to serious pain in the neck, shoulders, and jaw, but it can also lead to complications with things like chewing, swallowing, and speaking. 

  1. Gum Recession

Receding gums is a bad sign, and something that can increase your risk of cavities and other oral diseases and complications. Unfortunately, bruxism is a leading cause of gum recession, which can happen when teeth shift and loosen as a result of constant pressure on them.

Get Treatment for Teeth Grinding Today

If you grind your teeth, seeking treatment is important. A mouth guard that you wear while you sleep could make a big difference. To learn more about your options for treating bruxism or to get an official diagnosis, call Distinctive Dental Solutions directly today.



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